DONATE TO THE ANTI-FASCIST 5 DEFENCE FUND: Don’t let anti-fascists who stood their ground and won pay the costs alone

*Despite winning, Sandy Nicholl and Soren Gøard face legal fees of up to £3000 *Make sure they aren’t left out of pocket for standing ground against police tactics increasingly common on anti-fascist and other protests Click here to donate: On April 15th, 5 anti-fascist protesters were vindicated after the case against them collapsed - the prosecution admitting they had “no evidence” to proceed due to their key witness Chief Inspector Williams being “on leave”.… Read More

Inviting Police onto Campus: Why have University Vice Chancellors and the Police become such Likely Bedfellows?

Nadine El-Enany (Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck, University of London) – based on a talk delivered at the event, ‘Policing the Neoliberal University’, SOAS March 10 2014 See also Priya Gopal on “The Consumer Student”  who also spoke at the event How and why have we come to a point where police are so regularly invited onto university campuses?… Read More