What issues are DTRTP currently focused on?
Defence Campaigns

Practical support and advice if you’ve been arrested

Stop Prevent

National campaign to build opposition to the Prevent duty.

Deaths In Custody

Solidarity work with families & friends demanding justice

Legal Aid

Justice for all not just the rich! Campaigning against the cuts

Protest Policing

Resisting police violence & attacks on the right to protest

Undercover Cops

Challenging surveillance of our movements and lives

About Us

Defend the Right to Protest (DTRTP) was formed in the wake of violent police tactics and arrests at the student protests of November and December 2010 to build a collective response to the criminalisation of large numbers of young protesters.

We are a national campaign involving a network of protester defendants and their families, activists, trade unionists, academics and lawyers.

We seek to ensure protesters who are unjustly arrested or criminalised are not left to fight alone. We campaign against policing, policies and practices that threaten the right to protest and our civil liberties. We work in solidarity with a range of community and family justice campaigns challenging state violence and racism.

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