Advice if Arrested

Getting arrested can be an extremely stressful time and one in which it is easy to feel alone. Defend the Right to Protest alongside other groups such as GBC (Green and Black Cross) and LDMG (Legal Defence Monitoring Group) are here to offer advice, help and support through this process.

Whether you have been arrested, bailed or charged – it is vital that you get the right legal advice and we can help put you in touch with lawyers who have experience and a track record of specialising in protest and public order cases.

We can also assist with putting you in touch with people who have been through what you are going through.

One way of building support for your case and raising wider awareness is through getting together with other defendants and organising a defence campaign. See more info here on our Defence Campaigns page.

But the most important thing is don’t sit this out alone. Get advice and seek the support you need from those with experience and know-how developed over many years.

Contact us in confidence - via or 07928579605

We are currently updating our on-line resources - but strongly recommend you refer to both GBC and Netpol’s advice pages here:

Green and Black Cross advice if arrested:

Netpol’s list of recommended Solicitors