Sussex Against Privatisation: ‘Good’ Friday Eviction Update and Renewed Support

POSTED BY SUSSEX AGAINST PRIVATIZATION ⋅ MARCH 29, 2013 ⋅ From the Occupation: ‘After an occupation lasting seven weeks, countless demonstrations, an EDM signed by 25 MP’s, close to 10,000 names on petitions and a campus turned yellow, Management have taken action through the courts to forcibly evict the students and staff occupying Bramber House Conference Centre.… Read More

Videos of Alfie Meadows & Zak King on how we fought and won

Around 100 people came to celebrate Alfie and Zak’s victory this week. They were joined by a wide range of campaigners including Max Watson victimised trade unionist recently reinstated at London Met, Bethan Jones criminalised for telling Cameron he had blood on his hands, Trenton Oldfield imprisoned for 6 months for protesting against inequality, one of the No Dash for Gas 21, a Right to Work campaigner cautioned for protesting against disability benefit cuts, Marci Rigg sister of Sean Rigg who died in police custody,  Zenon sentenced to 15 months in prison for protesting against the tripling of fees, the Hilliard brothers acquitted of pulling a police officer from his horse during anti-fees protest, PCS strikers, the Traveller Solidarity Network fighting attempts to impose eviction costs on Dale Farm residents and more (to sign their petition please go to https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/basildoncouncil-drop-4-3m-eviction-charges-against-dale-farm-families).… Read More

Sussex Occupation calls for solidarity as riot vans arrive

NEWS: Several riot vans are at the ready at Sussex uni -the occupation has put out a solidarity call for people to show their support for the campaign- against these attempts to intimidate and important and popular movement against cuts and privatisation Almost 1500 people have signed the petition against the protest ban - add your name here: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/stop-the-protest-ban-at-sussex-university… Read More

Over 1000 sign the petition against protest ban at Sussex Uni in hours- add your name

Over 1000 lecturers, students and supporters have signed the petition opposing the protest ban in just hours SIGN THE PETITION HERE: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/stop-the-protest-ban-at-sussex-university We, the undersigned, wish to express our solidarity with the struggle against the privatisation of 235 jobs and express our opposition to the decision of Sussex university management to impose an injunction which bans both protest and occupations on campus until September, thus effectively also criminalising the ongoing Bramber house occupation.… Read More