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“until there is justice, there can be no peace”


Dear Ian Tomlinson’s family and loved ones,

We applaud your brave, continuous fight for justice for Ian.

Some of us attended a peaceful demonstration outside Scotland Yard tonight, as a result of various people wanting to express their anger and to show your family that we too are not giving up on justice for Ian. 100 people attended within two hours notice. There were chants of, “Ian Tomlinson - never again”, “Sean Rigg - never again”, “Mark Duggan - never again”. More and more people are becoming aware of the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones as a result of police contact and the ordeal families must go through to fight for those responsible to be brought to account.

This verdict today is symptomatic of a desperately unequal legal system. The authority that police officers evidence is given above ordinary people’s accounts whether visual or spoken has created a constant uphill battle for those who need to hold the police to account for their actions. There are too many names of those who have died at the hands of police officers to name, not to mention those who have had to stand up against police evidence because they have faced politically motivated charges. But we hope you take some comfort and confidence in knowing you are not alone. Your fight for justice and to bring police to account for their actions gives confidence to us all:

“Our sincere thoughts are with the Tomlinson family in their quest for justice. Keep strong and do not give up, we are right behind you.” Sean Rigg’s Family

“The outcome of this case is a frightening license for police officers to behave as thugishly as they like while knowing that the worst that will happen is a slap on the wrist. When will we start to hold police officers who break the law truly accountable for their actions?” Jennifer Hilliard Mother of acquitted, injured student protesters & Parents for Real Justice

“I send all my support to the Tomlinson family; their battle to make the police accountable is a battle for us all”. Susan Matthews Mother of Alfie Meadows

“It appears that there must be some kind of written agreement between all the organisations involved that there will never be a police officer prosecuted for the death of a citizen. Now being fully aware of PC Harwood’s past it makes me wonder what has happened to the five officers involved in Christopher’s death.  This has been happening for a long time and we need to fight to change to this. Solidarity with the family. I know exactly how they must be feeling at this present time, but the truth is worth fighting for and I fully support them in every way.” Janet Alder sister of Christopher Alder

“The determination of the Tomlinson family to fight for justice against all the odds is an inspiration to us all. We must support them in their future struggles and we must be on the UFFC march on 27th October in solidarity with all fighting for justice and against police brutality.” Alfie Meadows

We stand by you unequivocally as you continue this fight for justice.

Until there has been justice there can be no peace.

Yours in Support,

Defend the Right to Protest Campaign


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4 Responses to "“until there is justice, there can be no peace”"

  1. Aaron Glendon Gowan Thomas says:

    This is ongoing, and if peaceful protest is treated in this way, why the shocked surprise by the mainstream media? We may not be in Brazil but our police are also guilty of brutality and murder, its high time that these murderers are shown to be unfit to be our protectors, but our entire legal system acts like a society of ‘made men’

  2. Eleanor says:

    As hard as it may seem, if the Tomlinson family win the civil case, please could I request that they do not ask for financial compensation.

    Instead, please could they ask for resignations (without pensions) of the decision makers at the Met, the IPCC, Surrey Constabulary and the CPS

    as making those who made poor decisions suffer personally is the ONLY thing that will change the decision making process.

    Compensation money would just come out of the budget for needed policing and make things worse.

  3. Photos of yesterday’s protest at New Scotland Yard following the shock Not Guilty verdict handed down to Simon Harwood:

  4. raymond buckley says:

    The law needs to be changed. STOP THIS IMPUNITY FOR THE “POLICE” NOW!

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