Support the anti-fascist five-Monday 14th April, 9am, Westminster Magistrates Court

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Fb event for solidarity picket:

Mon 14th April, 9-10am, 181 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5BR (near Baker Street tube)

On the 14th of April the Metropolitan Police and CPS will prosecute five antifascists arrested on the 1st of June last year who were trying to stop the British National Party from marching on the Cenotaph.

The accused are just five of 59 arrested that day. A few months later 286 protesters against the English Defence League were arrested in Tower Hamlets, only 2 of whom were charged .

Police are using these tactics, not to “safeguard the public”, but to gather information on protesters and deter people from joining protest movements.

Police booked buses to transport the arrested in advance. Later they imposed bail conditions which banned the arrested from protesting. Yet no officer has been held to account for breaking Amy Jowett’s leg on the day.

We must stand up to this criminalization of anti-fascism - Support Justice for the Five –find out how to get involved here: 

Useful links and background:

NETPOL on use of Section 14 and bail conditions:

Initial DtRtP public letter in support of the 286:

“It is vital we stand together against the criminalisation of anti-fascist protestors and the current heavy handed police tactics on demonstrations. I hope the anti-fascist five are cleared of all charges. I also hope the officer who assaulted me is identified and prosecuted.” AMY JOWETT anti-fascist protester whose leg was broken by the police

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