Protest Against Bernard Hogan Howe Lecture

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Join the demonstration against Bernard Hogan Howe at UEL next week. Full details available here!

Institutional racism within the police force has once again been evidenced with the recent recording of PCS Alex MacFarlance racially abusing a young black man in the back of a police van during the summer riots, after strangling him, see here. Only after widespread public outrage has there now been enough pressure to force the CPS to review their decision not to press charges against the officers involved.
Days after this evidence was released, CCTV footage was leaked showing the same officers involved in physically assaulting a black teenager hours after the racial abuse incident, see.

Since both young men coming forward, Scotland Yard has confirmed there are now investigations into 10 new allegations of racism. In total 8 police officers have now been suspended for racist incidents.

We have also seen this year how reports show deaths in police custody have been underestimated (currently 5,998 deaths have been recorded between 2000 to 2010), anyone who dies following restraint without being formally arrested is excluded from death in custody figures, see article.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe will be speaking at the University of East London on “Policing in the 21st Century.” Hogan-Howe has previously been given the opportunity to discuss criminalization of protestors, institutional racism within the police and deaths in police custody at LSE earlier this year amongst other poor excuses he made, he suggested that deaths in police custody amounted to “one or two” in the last year:

Full footage available here.

Defend the Right to Protest amongst other campaigns welcomes and supports the protest organized by UEL students. Tuesday 17th April, 4:30PM: Duncan House Campus - University of East London, E152JB - Stratford High Street.

Stand up for justice, join the protest. Faceook event.

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