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Fortnum & Mason: Defiant statement from the defendants outside of court

Statement from Fortnum & Mason Defendants
More news to follow
November 17, 2021

Today, the 10 of us who were on trial have been found guilty of taking part in a protest. A protest that was dubbed ‘sensible’ by the senior police officer at the scene. We were standing up, or more accurately sitting down, against our government making harsh cuts to public services, whilst letting companies like Fortnum and Masons get away with dodging a total of tens of billions of pounds of tax every year. Then we are put on trial, whilst it’s clear the real criminals are the tax dodgers, the politicians and the bankers who caused this financial crisis and who continue to profit. We are supposed to have a democratic right to protest yet people like us, exercising that right and expressing our discontent feel the force of the law and receive harsh and disproportionate sentences. We have been convicted of Aggravated Trespass, an example of a law created in the 1990′s as an attack on our rights to protest and which is used in situations like this one to turn protesting into a crime. We will, of course, continue to fight this and will be appealing the judgement.

As the government’s cuts continue to destroy the economy and people’s lives we will not be put off by these attempts at humiliating and punishing us.

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  1. Luis Aviles says:

    I am a journalist, I was intimidated, injured, by two bad cops, for minor traffic violation, they told me obscene language,in front of my wife, and her relatives, they broke my shoulders, injured my writs, they arrest me with out any charges, I fight for my case 5 years, the case was dismissed, last week. And not body was responsible for my injuries, everything happening just because I asked for respect for all my family and because I told them that I will report the case to the whole media they jumping on me as bastards. My next step will be legal action!!! As journalist I assure that in United States of American our government and police officers violated our civil and human rights!!!!

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