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DEFEND THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT - No to eviction at St Paul’s

Defend the Occupy Movement - No to Eviction at St Paul’s

 The Occupy movement that has spread from Wall Street in the United States has electrified people across the globe. It has focused attention on the crimes of the bankers and the financial elite, as well as raising profound questions about the entire way we live our lives. This is a movement which resonates with millions across the world who agree that the “99 percent” are suffering while the “1 percent” continue to enrich themselves.

 We therefore oppose utterly the recent attempts to criminalise and violently disperse occupiers in a string of US cities. This is a deliberate and coordinated process of trying to stifle protest. We note that Oakland Mayor Jean Quan told the BBC that the move against Occupy Oakland came after a conference call “with 18 cities across the country who had the same situation.”

As the 1 percent comes together in an effort to crush the movement, the 99 percent must come together to defend it.

We stand with the US Occupy movement and other similar groups across the world. We are also appalled that the City of London Corporation has renewed its threat to take legal action against the St Paul’s occupation. This well-planned occupation has encouraged debates everywhere about the bailout of the banks, the behaviour of corporations, environmental degradation, and the future of our society. It should be encouraged, not met by intimidation.

The occupation has made links with groups and individuals everywhere. It is hugely important that the occupation has made links with the trade unionists who will be on strike on 30 November, with the electricians battling 35 percent pay cuts, and the students who continue to defend education. Already over 1,000 trade unionists have signed a petition to support the occupation and oppose any attempt to evict it (see

As part of the more general need to defend the right to protest, we pledge our support for the St Paul’s occupation and oppose attempts to evict it.

Initial Signatories include:

Defend the Right to Protest

Tony Benn

John McDonnell MP

Liam Burns NUS President

Kevin Courtney Deputy General Secretary NUT

Louise Christian Campaigning Lawyer

Lee Hall playwright

Alfie Meadows activist

Sara Bennett National Executive UNITE the union (pc)

Nina Power author & senior lecturer Roehampton University

Samuel West actor

Michael Kustow writer and cultural activist

Hannah Dee Chair Defend the Right to Protest

Mark Campbell UCU National Executive & Save London Met (pc)

Steven Rose Emeritus Professor of Biology (neuroscience)

Alberto Toscano Senior lecturer Goldsmiths College

Kanja Sessay NUS Black Students Officer

Mark Bergfeld NUS NEC & Education Activist Network

Sean Rilo Raczka ULU VP

Margaret Gordon Christian Khan Solicitors

Susan Matthews Justice for Alfie Meadows

Wail Quassim student

Dr William McAvoy Lecturer in English, University of Sussex

Danielle Grufferty NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship

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2 Responses to "DEFEND THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT - No to eviction at St Paul’s"

  1. We live in a democracy. People have the right to protest peacefully.

  2. freedom of expression always please

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